Expedition Details


Depart Old Andado Station following Madigan line camps 1 to 25 exiting at Birdsville


Expected duration between 20-25 days

Support Team

Comprising 3 x 4WD and a team of 6 who will drop the expeditioners at the edge of the desert then travel the Madigan line burying caches at pre-determined 2-day intervals to which the expeditioners will track to.


Estimated total distance: 700km’s travelling west to east, climbing and descending over 700 sand dunes.


Depending on the season daily temperatures can vary between 25-40 degrees during the day and between minus 4 to minus 5 degrees Celsius overnight.


Expeditioners will be equipped with handheld UHF radios and a satellite phone. They  will make nightly contact with the Support Team Leader via Satellite phone providing the Team Leader with overnight camp coordinates, heading, and conditions. Further, the Leader will confirm location of next cache.


Should for whatever reason the Support Team not be able to make contact with the Expeditioners on a nightly basis the previous reported coordinates form the basis for a small search area. RFDS will also be advised on the Expedition and provided with proposed plan.


Each cache contains additional water, food and other required supplies. They will be contained in cardboard boxes with contents protected with suitable environmentally friendly packaging material. Empty cache boxes and packaging will be burnt nightly. The location of each buried cache is marked with a bamboo steak and bright surveyors ribbon making it visible from a distance.


Both Expeditioners will use 70 litre back packs and hydration bladders. Expected trekking weight is 35kg which will be reduced in between caches until resupply.