Meet the Team

Brigid Shute

Brigid Shute (47) has been a  Non-Executive Director of Heart Research Australia since 2018. She is also studying a postgraduate in Business Law at the University of Sydney.

Married to Ben and mother to 3 young kids – Lachlan, Piper and Ellie, Brigid has combined a career of marketing for large organisations and the development and launch of a unique start up with her passion for helping not for profit organisations and community groups. With this adventure, the entire family is supporting the enormous goal with passion and pride!

Passionate about Heart Research, Brigid is determined to use the expedition to raise awareness of the need for Australia to fund world-class research in this area and achieve the personal goal of completing the amazing and challenging adventure.

Robert Porcaro

Robert Porcaro (61) is a seasoned adventurer having completed three previous crossings of the Simpson Desert – Initially South to North in 2001, then South to North solo in 2002. He became the first person to trek the Madigan line solo and on foot in 2004.

Rob also trekked from 88 degrees to the Geographic North Pole in 2005. Rob has participated in a range of adventure races across Australia including the 700k multi-discipline XPD 5-day event and Oxfam’s 100m Trail Blazer which he most recently completed in 13.25 hours.

Once an adventurer, it never leaves you and at the age of 61, Rob now has his sights firmly set on doing it again and is proud to be doing the with Brigid Shute who, if successful, will become the third woman to ever trek the Madigan Line on foot.

Rob is married to Karen and a father of 3 adult children (David, Alex & Mike) and grandfather of 3 (Ezra, Milo & Cailin). His family is very used to him going off an adventures and often joke about his need to be in the desert!